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CBeebies Magazine is the only pre-school weekly magazine, bursting with favourite CBeebies characters, along with puzzles, colouring, stories, workbook, songs and things to make. The magazine is based on areas of learning which support early years development to ensure that little learners get the best start. There is also a CBeebies Magazine app available which continues the ‘learning through fun’  journey.

CBeebies Magazine is published by Immediate Media Company London Limited under licence from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.


CBeebies is the only magazine all about CBeebies and is the UK’s biggest selling preschool compilation title. The title delivers all seven areas of learning in the Early Years curriculum in an entertaining way that is relevant to children under six. Every issue comes with a gift – instant play value is important and we try to deliver exciting, playful gifts every issue.

Stephanie Cooper, Editor - CBeebies Magazine

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Editorial Contacts

Stephanie Cooper Senior Editor & Education Advisor, Pre-School 020 7150 5029 stephanie.cooper@immediate.co.uk
Hollie Fisher Deputy Editor, Pre-School 020 7150 5503 hollie.fisher@immediate.co.uk

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Advertising Contacts

Duncan Carr Group Ad Manager - Youth & Children 020 7150 5095 duncan.carr@immediate.co.uk
Anna Thompson Sales Executive - Youth & Children's 020 7150 5096 anna.thompson@immediate.co.uk

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