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BBC Focus is the UK’s best-selling science and technology monthly with a large international audience across its various licensed editions.

With contributions from leading academics and popular scientists alike, BBC Focus offers a distinctive and entertaining perspective on the fast-moving world of science whilst at the same time introducing readers to cutting-edge technology, what’s hot in the world of gadgets and new ideas from the world of research.

In every issue you’ll find features on everyday science, the amazing breakthroughs affecting our future, new technology, gadgets, space exploration and more. Plus there’s the weird and wonderful in our popular Q&A section and jaw-dropping photography offering a whole new perspective on the world.

BBC Focus Magazine is published by Immediate Media Company London Limited under licence from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.


I’ve always been fascinated by the future. I’d just love to know how life will change. What are the wonder materials that will change the world? Will we find life on other planets? When will we create robots as intelligent as human beings? All of these are topics we’ve covered recently in BBC Focus Magazine, alongside articles on the workings of the human brain and the quest to build a starship to travel faster than light. Sometimes, though, the biggest surprises are rather more down to Earth. From reading articles in BBC Focus Magazine I’ve discovered the best ways of keeping cool in summer, what cats are really thinking, and what psychologists recommend we do to stay happy. If, like me, you always want to find out more, I’m sure you’ll love BBC Focus Magazine too.

Dan Bennett, Acting Editor - BBC Focus

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