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Mega magazine is packed with all the funny brands, celebrities, cartoon characters, TV shows, facts, jokes, posters and competitions that young boys can’t get enough of. Every issue is bursting with topical laughs, funny pictures, crazy comics and activity pages. From Angry Birds to Skylanders, LEGO to Dick & Dom, boys will laugh and love, what Mega gives them!

Mega magazine is packed with cool stuff, laughs, puzzles, posters and comics that every boy wants to get his hands on. The latest movies, LEGO sets, funny pictures and jokes, TV shows and interviews are all in there, plus a big dollop of slap-stick humour and characters such as Mr Mega – the world’s worst superhero!

Joanna Tubbs, Editor - Mega

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Editorial Contacts

Joanna Tubbs Editor, Preschool 0207 150 5532 joanna.tubbs@immediate.co.uk
Pauline Cooke Publishing Director Pre-School 020 7150 5000 pauline.cooke@immediate.co.uk
Rachel Garvey Group Marketing Manager 02071505322 Rachel.garvey@immediate.co.uk

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Age Range 6-11
Circulation 31.3K
#1 UK Youth and Children Portfolio

Advanced Demographics

Youth and Children Portfolio

Core age of boys aged 8-15

No.1 youth & children portfolio in the market

Market Share: 37.8%

Circulation: 778K


Circulation 31.3K

Actively Purchased: 100%

Circulation Market Share: 8%

Average age: 8yrs

Male: 95%


  • Frontline figures – ave. across first 3 issues
  • ABC Jul-Dec 14
  • 2014 Reader Survey

Advertising Contacts

Duncan Carr Group Ad Manager - Youth & Children 020 7150 5095 duncan.carr@immediate.co.uk
Anna Thompson Sales Executive - Youth & Children's 020 7150 5096 anna.thompson@immediate.co.uk

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