11 years ago

‘Lion vs Jackal’, by Ken Stratford

An image of a fearless black-backed jackal running rings around a male lion has today been named the overall winner of the BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year 2011 competition, in association with the World Land Trust.

 The photo, entitled ‘Lion vs Jackal’, by Ken Stratford of the Ongava Research Centre in Namibia, beat hundreds of other entries to emerge as the Overall and Animal Behaviour category winner, securing a prize of £3,000.  

 Judge Richard Edwards, director of ARKive, said of the winning photo:

“Wow! A real David versus Goliath confrontation. This picture wowed the judges because it poses so many questions: what could the jackal be ‘thinking’? Is that a look of ‘surprise’ on the lion’s face? And, of course, what happened next? A truly great piece of animal behaviour.”

  Ken Stratford commented:

“Waterholes in Ongava Game Reserve are always busy in September. But we never dreamed that our cameras would catch a black-backed jackal attacking a young adult male lion – and in broad daylight. Not only do cat and canine typically frequent waterholes after dark, we have found no previous record of a jackal being so aggressive towards a lion.”

Now in its second year, the BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition searches for the most exciting and revealing camera-trap images being captured by conservationists around the world. The judges give particular weight to the contribution that each image makes to scientific knowledge. The money prizes, courtesy of the international conservation charity World Land Trust and Páramo, are awarded to the winning conservation projects, not the individual photographers.

The other two category winners were a rare photo of a sable antelope at South Africa’s Lajuma Research Centre, an area from which the species has long been absent, by Alessandro Araldi, and a picture of a female Florida panther on the prowl by Roy McBride and Rebecca Sensor of the Florida Panther Synoptic Survey. Each will receive a £1,000 prize.

The winning images are published in the December issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine, on sale 24 November, and you can also enjoy the winners, runners-up and commended images in a gallery on BBC Wildlife Magazine’s website at http://www.discoverwildlife.com/wildlife-nature-photography/galleries.

To find out what happened to the feisty jackal, see the whole encounter here: http://www.discoverwildlife.com/wildlife-nature-photography/galleries



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