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Seeing the Northern Lights is the travel experience we would most like to have, finds Lonely Planet Traveller magazine, the award winning travel title.

Witnessing the magical aurora borealis topped a poll of travel experiences, according to 1,563 respondents to a survey for the magazine to celebrate Lonely Planet’s 40th anniversary. The survey was conducted by Immediate Media Co, the leading cross media special interest content company, who publish Lonely Planet Traveller magazine.

Asked to name their top five experiences, the highest proportion (58%) included the Northern Lights, pipping exploring Sicily (30%), seeing dawn over Yellowstone National Park, USA (28%), watching the sun rise at the Great Wall of China (23%), and encountering penguins in the Antarctic (22%).

According to Lonely Planet Traveller’s Editor Peter Grunert:

In this issue we define the bucket list for 2013. Through the making of this special anniversary issue of Lonely Planet Traveller, I’ve had the chance to consider just how accessible original and imaginative travel experiences have become over the past 40 years. All the experiences listed are now possible and seeing the Northern Lights is one experience so many travellers would realistically love to have at some point during their lifetime.”

Alongside the often far flung list of experiences featured in this month’s Lonely Planet Traveller, one in the top ten was located much closer to home. Walking the cliffs in Ardmore, Ireland came eighth (15%), just ahead of finding peace in Bali (12%) and attending a jazz funeral in New Orleans (11%).

Writing in the magazine, Lonely Planet expert Anthony Ham champions the Northern Lights as “nature’s most extraordinary spectacle”. He adds: “Some people chase storms, but I’ve always preferred the aurora borealis.”  

Also in this month’s issue is the first report back from Lonely Planet Traveller journalists Oliver Smith and Christa Larwood, who have returned from an epic 10,000 mile journey across Europe, Asia and Australasia following in the footsteps of Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler. Lonely Planet was founded in 1973 following Tony and Maureen Wheeler’s trip overland from London to Sydney which lead to the first Lonely Planet guide Across Asia on the Cheap. Lonely Planet Travelleris on sale now, priced at £3.80.

The list of the most desired travel experiences are:

1) Seeing the Northern Lights, Norway 58%

2) Exploring Sicily 30%

3) Seeing dawn over Yellowstone Park, USA 28%

4) Seeing the sun rise over the Great Wall of China 23%

5) Encountering penguins, Antarctica 22%

6) Discovering a hidden beach in the Seychelles 20%

7) Island hopping in the Dodecanese, Greece 16%

8) Walking along the cliff tops in Ardmore, Ireland 14%

9) Finding peace, Bali 12%

10) Attending a jazz funeral, New Orleans 11%


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