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Working together: solutions to reach your audience

Immediate is home to some of the UK’s biggest, best-loved and most trusted editorial brands. Find out how we combine super-engaged, loyal audiences with a market-leading data and insight offering to deliver remarkable commercial results for our partners.

Advertise with Immediate 

Immediate’s platforms are premium, brand-safe and deeply trusted. This is great news for our advertising partners, as is our combined print and digital reach. We speak to 21m consumers every month – that’s more than a third of the UK’s adults. 

Because we exclusively focus on passions, our audiences are super-engaged and loyal. They spend 50% more time on our sites than on our competitors’, and we have more paid subscribers than any other UK magazine publisher.  

Through the combination of inspiring content, dynamic platforms and market-leading data targeting, we have a wide range of advertising products and opportunities that can help you target the right audience to build your brand and deliver strong ROI. 

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We reach more than a third of the UK’s adults

Thinking of advertising with Immediate? Well, 21m adults engage with our brands and platforms every month...

  • 40m+

    Social followers


  • 122m

    Monthly UK page impressions

    IPSOS Iris, Dec 2023

  • 40m

    Magazines sold in 2022


  • 16m

    Magazines sold on subscription

    ABC Jan-Dec 2023

  • 5m

    Monthly podcast downloads


How we work

Immediate makes it easy for clients to access our various brands, products and audiences to grow their business. Our market-leading presence in food, entertainment, motoring, gardening and culture, combined with our deep understanding of our audiences, means we are uniquely positioned to help clients reach potential new customers and grow their business.   

Our advertising team takes a consultative approach to understanding each client’s needs, challenges and market, and we deliver solutions that we know will work for them. This includes digital solutions, email marketing, podcast sponsorship, print solutions, competitions, e-commerce and content partnerships.  

Join our IM Direct team

Joining our IM Direct team means becoming part of a laser-focused, outbound consultative sales team with unparalleled market and product knowledge.  

Starting your career in advertising? Our Advertising Sales Academy offers best-in-class training, development, and support. It’s the perfect place to build strong foundations for your future success in a fast-paced, fun, and social environment. 

If you’re ready to join a team that is dedicated to delivering results and making an impact, then the Immediate Media Advertising Sales Academy is the perfect place for you.   

Immediate staff in a meeting at Vineyard HouseImmediate staff in a meeting at Vineyard House
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Our award-winning data platform

We have a deep understanding of our audiences, driven by data and insight, and are perfectly placed to anticipate significant technological and regulatory changes. Back in 2018, we became the second UK publisher to roll out a truly cookieless, award-winning data product, having started to build unique, targetable segments a year earlier. 

The scale of our reach and the strength of our content means our first-party data offering is unmatched. Over the last three years, we’ve removed all reliance on third-party data. This means we can offer our clients a truly first-party data targeting and insight solution.  

We can create, target and provide insight on fully customisable segments, from food, finance and technology to entertainment and retail. 

Whatever your audience, we can reach it

Access our best-in-class first-party data advertising offering

  • 2,000+

    Unique audience segments


  • 4.7m

    Data points processed daily



Understanding our audiences is fundamental to Immediate’s success. It drives our own brand growth, and fuels engagement and effectiveness for our advertising partners, too. Insight inspires and underpins our creativity and decision-making.  

Our dedicated Insight team extend their expertise across every department and work closely with Advertising Sales. Uniquely positioned to harness the power of our audience – including Immediate Insiders, our 14,000-strong consumer panel – we offer a vast range of quantitative solutions and bespoke research, including campaign effectiveness. Data is at the heart of everything we do. 

Imagine: Immediate’s award-winning creative content studio  

The Imagine studio tells clients’ stories through memorable, innovative content campaigns that drive incredible results.  

Find out how our strategies leverage data, insight and our engaged audiences, to drive awareness and action. 

Behind the scenes footage of Imagine commercial shoot for TanquerayBehind the scenes of the Radio Times Screen Test Awards
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Beyond advertising


We seamlessly blend subject matter expertise and a wealth of data to help our audiences confidently choose the best products at the right prices. Our deep understanding of these high purchase intent audiences means we can offer our affiliate partners a range of content-led solutions that drive engagement and conversion. 

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Licensing and syndication

With more than 70 global digital and print licences, we stand out as one of Europe’s biggest magazine media licensors. Our renowned brands resonate with passions that transcend borders, covering diverse interests such as cars, food, gardens and history, plus we have a youth and children’s portfolio. What’s more, our content boasts genuine and proven international appeal, and we’re proficient in forging robust strategic partnerships. We excel in delivering fresh audiences and revenue opportunities for our licensing partners. 

As well as licensing magazine and website brand content, you can access our award-winning content seamlessly through syndication. This will allow you to integrate individual articles and features from our extensive multi-platform portfolio to enhance your website, app or magazine. 

You can also explore accreditation opportunities within our leading food, gardening and parenting brands, whether through seasonal awards or product reviews. Our widely recognised badges of approval bring trust and credibility to any accreditation programme. 

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