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We are Immediate

Formed in 2011, Immediate is home to the biggest and most loved lifestyle brands in the UK, including Radio Times, Good Food, Nutracheck, HistoryExtra and BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. Immediate is part of BurdaInternational, the international arm of Hubert Burda Media, one of Germany’s largest technology and media companies. A family company with a history spanning more than 100 years, Burda combines traditional publishing with digital innovation and invests in new and emerging digital business models. Burda operates more than 500 brands worldwide in the news, tech, food, living, gardening, fashion, lifestyle, health and entertainment sectors. BurdaInternational operates in 11 countries, primarily across Europe and Asia (employing 2,400 people), with a multi-channel platform offering that includes media, e-commerce, and other innovative services, which appeal to the passions of its consumers.

Our purpose and mission: To bring joy

Immediate is a purpose-driven company, focused on bringing more joy to our audiences by helping them get more out of the things they love. 

We inspire them, deepen their knowledge, sharpen their skills, support their goals, build their confidence and fuel their passions. We help them to enjoy more of what life has to offer, each and every day. 

From the big things to the little things. From reaching fitness goals to enjoying good food. From inspiring a new growing project or what to watch tonight to discovering more about the past, our content has a positive impact on people and their lives – and brings them joy! 

Everything we do is underpinned by our company values and a desire to do the right thing for our people and the planet. 

Our values

Immediate’s company values are underpinned by an unswerving commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, both within our company and the content we produce. We create an environment that supports and promotes the talent and diversity of our people and our audiences. 

We believe our culture is one of our key assets and a vital part of what makes Immediate the company it is today. Our values, alongside our framework of leadership behaviours, act as a guide for how we work together internally, and with our partners and customers. They help us make important decisions and create an environment where we all feel respected and challenged, can contribute in our own way, and learn and grow as individuals. 

  • We Care Value Icon, Immediate Media Co.

    We care

    We’re human and humble and genuinely seek to do the right thing by and for people (including readers, customers and partners) with kindness and compassion. We build a sense of belonging where everyone is welcome, feels safe to be themselves and has an equal voice and stake.

  • We Succeed Together Value Icon, Immediate Media Co.

    We succeed together

    We succeed together through building sustainable and trusted relationships to achieve shared outcomes. We invest in and care about how we succeed, make sure we win, and you win, too. We’re a team and must collaborate, adapt, be open and listen.

  • We Are Bold Value Icon, Immediate Media Co.

    We are bold

    We’re bold in driving growth, being creative, brave and entrepreneurial, and committed to success. We embrace risk, learn from failure, aiming high to identify and achieve new opportunities.

  • We Never Settle Value Icon, Immediate Media Co.

    We never settle

    We love learning and pushing to do things better. We adapt, are curious, bring new ideas and experiment. We don’t let our standards drop and are clear about what we expect of ourselves and our teams.

  • We Get on With It Value Icon, Immediate Media Co.

    We get on with it

    We move forward with pace and purpose, holding ourselves to account and doing what we say we will. We seize opportunities, don’t get bogged down and balance openness with a bias for action.

  • We Enjoy The Ride Value Icon, Immediate Media Co.

    We enjoy the ride

    It’s important to love what you do, and we bring passion and energy to our work. There will always be ups and downs in life, but we’re in this together and have a community at Immediate that supports our people and creates opportunities to celebrate the good times.

Our brands inspire millions

Immediate’s iconic brands reach 21m people every month – that’s more than a third of the UK’s adults – through its world-class magazines, innovative digital products and exciting live events

We reach more than a third of the UK’s adults

A staggering 21m adults use our digital-first brands, platforms, tools and services every month.

  • 40m+

    Social followers


  • 122m

    Monthly UK page impressions

    IPSOS Iris, Dec 2023

  • 40m

    Magazines sold in 2022


  • 16m

    Magazines sold on subscription

    ABC Jan-Dec 2023

  • 5m

    Monthly podcast downloads


Our commitment to sustainability

Immediate is committed to being a sustainable media company by reducing the impact we have on the environment and helping to drive understanding and change through the content we create. Our goal is clear: by 2030, we aim to cut greenhouse gas emissions from our business and supply chain by 30%, working towards achieving net zero by 2045.  

We’re committed to change across four key pillars:   

  • Managing our impact by reducing carbon emissions, setting public science-based net zero targets and offsetting unavoidable emissions to become carbon neutral.  
  • Championing sustainable sourcing and reducing waste by using materials that are ethically sound and sustainable, eliminating plastic packaging and promoting sustainable product disposal.  
  • Driving change beyond our operational boundaries by building partnerships and participating in industry initiatives to accelerate climate action and sustainable innovation.  
  • A platform for change, using the power of our brands, platforms and creative storytelling to champion sustainability, inspiring millions to take climate action and lead more sustainable lives.  

Our environmental sustainability strategy is now backed by a robust governance programme, led by our newly appointed Sustainability Lead, plus dedicated teams across the business.  

We’ve just released our second climate impact report, which outlines our progress and our ambitions. We believe in corporate social responsibility and are committed to being transparent about our impacts and the actions we take to reduce them.  

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