Analytics on our websites

How do we use the data that we collect to improve our sites and give you a better website experience?

We use Google Analytics and other providers, to provide us with statistical information about use and traffic on our websites, emails, mobile apps and social media platforms. These services use IP addresses and other information from cookies to tell us, for example, the number of page views, number of users, what browsers users are using, and location data of users.

This statistical information allows us to understand our audiences, reach our target audiences, develop and customise our product and services, maximise compatibility for most of our users, and determine how much to charge for advertising.

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We use pixels in our emails as an essential quality control measurement. Our pixels don’t store any information on your device, and the pixel will be deleted if you delete emails from us.

A pixel is an HTML code snippet or image which is loaded when you open an email or interact with links within that email. When you open one of our emails, the pixel is processed by your email provider (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook). This action is registered and noted in our provider’s pixel server log files.

The pixel information is aggregated to help us to:

  • Check our subscribers have received the emails they’ve subscribed to, and whether our emails are being read. (If we can see our emails are not being opened, we may reduce the number of emails we send);
  • See which of our webpages get visited via links in the email (so we can see whether our emails are generally successful and interesting for our subscribers (if they aren’t, we’d rather know)); and
  • Make sure we’re not storing email addresses for longer than we need to (we talk more about retention periods in our Privacy Policy).

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