Good Food Nation Survey reveals cost of living impact on healthy eating and where we shop

Monday 2 October 2023

Over 2,000 UK adults nationwide took part in the BBC Good Food Nation survey in August, commissioned by BBC Good Food.

The survey reveals 69% consider themselves healthy eaters1, but are eating more processed food and ready meals and swapping supermarkets due to increases in the cost of living.

Over a quarter (28%) of people have changed their usual supermarket due the cost-of-living.

The BBC Good Food Nation survey released today (Monday 2 October) reveals the impact of cost of living increases on our food shopping, cooking and eating habits. The nationally representative BBC Good Food Nation annual survey of 2013 adults across the UK carried out in August 2023, uncovers trends and behaviours as well as attitudes to health and sustainability.

According to BBC Good Food Nation, 69% of people consider themselves to be healthy eaters1 (combining very healthy, 9.6%, and fairly healthy, 59.6%, answers), but cost of living increases have impacted on this with 28% saying they are eating less healthily because healthy eating is too expensive. Just under one fifth of people report they are eating more ready meals and processed foods because they are cheaper (19%); cooking less from scratch (17%); and cutting back on organic food and ingredients (16%) because of the cost of ingredients. Over a quarter (28%) have changed their supermarket based on the cost of living crisis.

“The BBC Good Food Nation survey shows we consider ourselves a nation of healthy eaters and we care about what we eat. However, rising costs have impacted choices and compromises have had to be made with people buying more processed food and ready meals and swapping supermarkets to save money. The BBC Good Food Nation findings show we embrace innovations in food preparation – air fryers are now part of our everyday lives.”

Christine Hayes, Editor-in-Chief, Good Food

Headshot of Christine Hayes, Editor in Chief, Food Group, Immediate Media Co.