Immediate launches new Rainbow High Magazine

Wednesday 9 August, 2023

Imediate Media Co, the special interest content and platform company, is partnering with MGA Entertainment (MGA), one of the largest and fastest growing toy and entertainment companies in the world, to bring the wildly popular global fashion doll brand Rainbow High™ to life in the new Rainbow High Magazine. The first issue of the new magazine launched on 26 July 2023 and is available at newsagents and most major supermarkets.

Rainbow High is an inclusive line of fashion dolls and accessories first introduced in 2020 by MGA that includes characters representing all the colors of the rainbow. An animated series aired the same year on YouTube and became available on Netflix globally in March 2021.

The brand encourages kids to continue to stay authentic to who they are as they grow older. A core value of the Rainbow High brand is ‘letting your true colours shine,’ and it is that uniqueness and confidence that the brand’s characters celebrate across the doll lines, television series, video games, licensed merchandise, and now Rainbow High Magazine.

The four-weekly Rainbow High Magazine will take the experience to a whole new level, offering a captivating and motivating source of entertainment for pre-teens. It’s packed with activities to ignite young readers’ imagination and artistic skills. The magazine exults in ingenuity, and empowering self-assurance, inspiring readers to embrace their authentic selves and radiate their true colours.

“We’re thrilled to launch Rainbow High Magazine, offering an immersive experience into the colourful, vibrant, and ever-evolving world of Rainbow High.”

Alex Coates-Newman, Youth & Children’s Publisher

Headshot of Alex Coates-Newman, Commercial Director, Youth & Children’s, Immediate Media Co.

“Sarah Fletcher, MGA Entertainment’s Vice President of Licensing (UK, Middle East & Africa) said: “The new Rainbow High magazine provides fans with another touchpoint to interact with their favourite brand and allows them to enter a new world of entertainment and creative expression, encouraging them to let their true colours shine.”

The first issue of Rainbow High Magazine is on sale now at newsagents and most major supermarkets for £5.99.