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The Nutracheck team at their Nottingham office
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Nutracheck: The UK’s top-rated calorie and nutrient tracking app

Easy to use and a huge UK food database

Nutracheck is part of Immediate’s Food and Wellness Group. Our mission is to empower people to make informed food choices by giving them nutritional insight into what they’re eating. What sets us apart is ease of use and an impressive food database. 

  • We’re the UK’s top-rated calorie and nutrient tracking app. We have an App Store rating of 4.8 stars, plus inspiring member testimonials that prove our effectiveness. 
  •  We have more than 430,000 UK products in our database, together with photos, to make tracking faster.  
  • We have a dedicated UK-based customer support team, committed to helping our members achieve their health or weight goals, and lead healthier, happier lives.


  • Headshot of Rachel Hartley, Marketing & Communications Director, Immediate Media Co.

    Rachel Hartley

    Marketing & Communications Director

  • John White

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Emma White

    Senior Nutritionist

  • Natasha Lee

    Senior PR Manager